Ironwell Multiplex scanner is the device that measures and analizes of the heights of incoming surface and freshly paved surface and drives floating platforms hydrolic pistons up and down accordingly to achieve the thickness that operator chooses.

With it’s wide and full color display the operator can see any information they need at a glance. Display languages can be set for Turkish or English and we can provide other desired languages asked in purchase. Since operator is provided with distances measured by individual Multiplex sensors on the display, troubleshooting and start up settings are easy and fast.

Ironwell Multiplex Scanner tests all devices that is connected at the start up and any time operator needs and detects any manfunction or connection problem with te Multiplex sensors or cables. It calibrates sensors according their positions and controls their working ranges by the operators desire.

Also it can work with one Multiplex sensor connected as a contactless grade sensor.

With it’s fast and reliable technology developed by Ironwell, data traffic between Multiplex Sensors and remote controller of finisher is instant and it responds every changes on the surface realtime to achieve perfect, ondulation free roads.